Uncovering the Dark Web: Examining Tor through social network analysis

The darkweb is a part of the internet that requires specialized software to access it. Tor remains the most prominent darkweb in existence. Qualitative analysis has previously focused on case studies in Tor such as the Silk Road which is only one small piece of the network. Websites are connected through hyperlinks which allows information to flow within Tor...


Surfacing Collaborated Networks in Dark Web to find Illicit and Criminal Content

The Tor Network, a hidden part of the Internet, is becoming an ideal hosting ground for illegal activities and services, including large drug markets, financial frauds, espionage, child sexual abuse. Researchers and law enforcement rely on manual investigations, which are both time-consuming and ultimately inefficient. The first part of this paper explores i...


Identifying Digital Threats in a Hacker Web Forum

Information threatening the security of critical infrastructures are exchanged over the Internet through communication platforms, such as online discussion forums. This information can be used by malicious hackers to attack critical computer networks and data systems. Much of the literature on the hacking of critical infrastructure has focused on developing...